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What you will actually get from this detailed Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Market Your Music

The guide is hands on, simple to follow for everyone, and gets down to the real nitty-gritty details of how to actually perform the marketing steps to grow your personal brand as an artist.

Saving Time and Money

You will be shown how to use FREE tools and tactics to get visitors to your social media channels and to engage them so that they truly become loyal fans of YOU and your music.

One Things Leads to Another

Find out how successful artists have grown their personal brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube with FREE and SIMPLE tactics.

Clear Ability to See What You Need to Do

The guide also clearly explains how best to use Spotify, Soundcloud and the major Distribution channels as well as a perfect summary of how to use Paid Advertising where prudent.

Your Fans ARE Out There!

Every single day, shown by the leading streaming channels, hundreds of thousands of people are looking for all genres of music from new artists. This guide will make sure you are at least found!

So How Do You Actually Make Money

Very few make a living from streaming alone. The guide will show you how you can leverage all available opportunities so that you can continue concentrating on the thing you love most - your music.

Amazing it is free given the amount of easy to digest content provided. Making my way through the guide was educational and I feel like I am a mini-marketing professional! 🙂 Instantly actionable instructions and tips and actually a real eye-opener. Cheers guys.
Alex P.
Alex P.
Hip Hop Mus/Prod
Epic. When I completed the full guide I felt so inspired and confident. I also felt a bit guilty that it seemed like I had gained some amazing marketing insights for what should have been $x,xxx for no charge at all. Recommending you to all I meet. Take care all.
Kyle M, NY.
Kyle M, NY.
Keyboards, Vocals.
My friend sent me here. I left it a week before having a look as I just kinda never got round to it. Once I entered I was hooked. So easy to follow and I spent 2 weeks solid putting it all into the real world and it is totally brilliant. I am back to doing bits of this once or twice a week, when I can , for an hour or so and things are going well. What a great help!
Having a blast baby!
Made a wicked impact on our socials. Well happy. Keeping all our socials and distribution in one place has saved us shed loads of time. Saw great growth in facebook particularly thanks to the site. Thanks Jake.
Metal Band
A poster on a musician forum recommended this site. I had no idea it would be THIS fundamentally helpful! Hey, you can't know what you don't know right. The Secret Sauce stuff was amazing and all the work I put into this is making immediate and noticeable impact which is great for me otherwise i would get disheartened. Respect.
Juliet Mason
Juliet Mason
Songwriter and Lyricist.
Woah. Back of the net. Not sure where to start but over the course of a couple of days I managed to get our house in order and have a proper strategy that actually works to build up our fan base. An hour a day keeps the music on play 🙂 Thanks guys. Peace out.
Dark Disciples
Dark Disciples
Artists on the rise!
I knew I had to start marketing my own music better to make a real difference and this tutorial gave me both the motivation and ability to get it right and I have never looked back. I highly recommend this. What a timesaver!
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith
Singer and Songwriter
I wasn't gonna get ripped by an agent or manager. I wanted my own control and these vids and guidelines hit the right spot and I am growing nicely and steadily. Great shout on the free tools too!
Vittorio T
Vittorio T
Beatz and Tunes Baby
Basically, I hadn;t a clue about how I promote myself and my music. I thought you just had to upload it! LOL. This was the best thing ever. Showed me how and why to use the tools available out there.
Mikey Red
Mikey Red
Musician and Producer

The ubiquitous fun video! 😀

Take a sneak peek inside!

What makes you stand out from the next person, band, musician or artist? Is it luck that propels an artist's views count on YouTube to the point that they get picked up and offered a contract?

These days, it is not about sending a CD into a label. You build up ‘social proof’ which is an audience of engaged fans anywhere in the world. The label may then find you. However, at the very least, having a larger fan base can help you make a living from your music and lets you continue to do the thing that you love.

  • Get more fans, followers and likes on ALL Social Media Channels
  • Get more music heard on the streaming channels
  • Get more money from selling songs, merch and tickets

Read it on your favorite device!

Easy access words and videos across all platforms, Desktop, Tablet and Phones.

The whole guide is composed of 10 sections as shown in the graphic above-left. Plus Bonus content.

Each of these sections carries a combination of text and videos to get across the marketing tips and advice. The videos run as along as 18 minutes, with the average being 9 minutes.

Once registered and paid you will have access to the whole guide.

Time to Rock 'n' Roll

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Let's Go!

A word from the author

Hi, Mike here. Jake and myself would like to thank you for reading this far!

You must be an artist, musician or band member looking for the light at the end of that tunnel, a way to make life easier, to get back to making music that you own, get more fans and be armed with the tools and knowledge to make it happen.

About 7 years ago I was in a band. We were doing a few local gigs but we were only just covering costs. The way that digital technology came in was quick and disruptive. I could see an opportunity to grow faster that the competition by utilizing the power of the web. The problem was that I had no idea how to grasp that opportunity.

I tasked to learn all I could about online marketing, music distribution, website building, sharing good content, outreach, emailing, media creation, videos, good creative copy, social media management, advertising campaigns and, of course, human nature.

Okay, it took me about 2 years and then a good few years to keep up with the tech to get to where I am now; spearheading  a band playing gigs in Texas, Germany, UK and Thailand.  Strange mix of places but that is where technology shows my fans are located! I will show you where your fans are, how to reach them and how to get them buying your music, your merch and spreading the word.

I wish to hep others and fund my sons’ hefty school fees! Come with me on this journey. Yes, nothing is THAT easy. You will still have to put some work in but you will gain a massive advantage from learning from my mistakes and scaling up on the great stuff I learned.

From recent feedback from musicians I realized everybody has different needs so, yes, you can buy this great guide for a bargain price but you can also get personalized help from me or Jake to get you set on the right path.

Good luck, keep the faith, never give up. You get out of this what you put in.

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